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I accept commission projects as well. A fair number of works shown on this site are such projects (and can be filtered through the category selection at the bottom of the page). No subject is off-limits to commission work and my studio is fully capable of handling work up to most studio scale sizes. A commission could range anywhere in complexity from a re-paint and decal job to a fully lit, 3-foot Star Destroyer with a mirrored display base! Typically I will discuss at length with clients about the technical aspects of a project, i.e. what is involved by way of time and materials, before beginning work. My pricing also reflects the various tiers of complexity.

Please feel free to email me at nicholassagan [at]

Also since getting back into the hobby in 2008 I’ve developed new kits that fill certain niches within the modeling world. Many of the kits I’ve created fall under a certain franchised-themed category. Some of these patterns I’ve released under the Cosmos Models brand while others have been commissioned by JPG Productions, Utar Ships, Multiverse Models, The Delta Quadrant and Odyssey Slipways. Below is a list of projects that have come across my bench. Since these are projects created for other producers, they can be found either directly from the producer or from the Starship Modeler Store:

1/72 I-7 Howlrunner (Multiverse Models) LINK>>>
1/72 Starbug from Red Dwarf (JPG Productions) LINK>>>
1/144 YT-2400 (JPG Productions) LINK>>>
1/2256 Flurry Carrier (JPG Productions) LINK>>>
1/4222 Action VI Freighter LINK>>>
1/4222 Victory II-class Frigate LINK>>>
1/4222 Flurry Carrier (Utar Ships) LINK>>>
1/4222 Interdictor/Enforcer Cruiser (JPG Productions) LINK>>>
1/4222 Dreadnaught (JPG Productions) LINK>>>
1/4222 Republic C-70 Frigate (Odyssey Slipways) LINK>>>
1/2500 Starship of David (JPG Productions) LINK>>>
1/2500 USS Bonaventure (The Delta Quadrant) LINK>>>
1/1000 USS Bonaventure (The Delta Quadrant) LINK>>>
1/350 Gozanti Cruiser (JPG Productions)
1/350 Radiant VII (CW upgrade parts only) (JPG Productions) LINK>>>
1/72 Hailfire Droid (tread only) (JPG Productions) LINK>>>
1/12 Gonk Droid (foot only) (JPG Productions) LINK>>>

1/2500 Andorian Cruiser wallpaper decals LINK>>>
1/48 Studio Scale TIE Bomber stencil decals (JPG Productions)
1/72 Egg-Wing decals (JPG Productions) LINK>>>
1/72 Egg-Viper MkI decals (JPG Productions)

Print on Demand:

Full Ships

I-7 Howlrunner
Imperial Assault Carrier (Gozanti)
Interceptor Frigate
Corellian Gunship DP-20a
Corellian Gunship DP-20c
IPV-1 Frigate
Zeta-class Imperial Cargo Shuttle
Eta-class Imperial Cargo Shuttle

Krennic’s T-3c Shuttle
TIE Predator
Dornean Gunship
Hammerhead Corvette
Nebulon B Medical Frigate
Action VI Freighter
Probe Droid Dispatch Pod 232
Probe Droid
Fury-class Starfighter
Tartan Cruiser
Lancer Frigate
Nebulon C
VCX-100 (Ghost)
XS Freighter
Lady Luck
SA-43 Hammerhead
McQuarrie A-Wing
Sun Crusher

Conversion / Upgrade Sets

McQuarrie Style Millennium Falcon conversion parts
Blockade Runner conversion parts
Venator-class Upgrade Parts
Devastator Conversion Parts
Mon Calamari Bridges + Blisters
Imperial Shuttle Engine Grills
TIE Interceptor Wings and Laser tips
Colonial One parts

Devastator sidewall and turret bay upgrades